TeamCity 2.0 Released!

We are excited to announce the long awaited release of TeamCity 2.0 (code name Agra) – our innovative solution for continuous integration, build management, code quality analysis, and team collaboration.

We’ve added a whole lote of new features – please find the most noteworthy ones below and the
full list on the TeamCity site:

  • Delayed commit and remote run functionality now works for Eclipse/Subversion and MS Visual Studio 2005/Team Foundation Server. This way we help keep builds unbreakable for developers who use these environments as well (users of IntelliJ IDEA have benefitted from this feature since TeamCity 1.0). You may take a look at Flash demos for Eclipse plugin and for MS Visual Studio plugin.
  • Out-of-the box search for code duplicates in IntelliJ IDEA Java projects. You can view results of such builds both on the Web and in IntelliJ IDEA (Selena M1 is required). You can also navigate from Web UI to the IDE interface.
  • Dependent builds support and Ivy integration:
    • e. g. Dependent triggering: trigger a build after a build of another build configuration has completed successfully.
    • e. g. Artifact dependencies: use artifacts of one build in another build (even using different agent computers).
    • Your build can download artifacts from TeamCity server using Ivy, i. e. tge server can act as Ivy repository
  • New version control systems support: ClearCase UCM and Team Foundation Server
  • Web diff tool with informative highlighting
  • Easy integration of any third-party reporting tools (if your tool provides an HTML report, you can access it from TeamCity with just one click)
  • Smarter build agents management:
    • See which agents are connected to the TeamCity server and which aren’t
    • Enable and disable agents in the web UI
    • See configuration details for each agent
  • LDAP authentication scheme
  • Improved Maven 2 support, bundled Ant 1.7, support for JUnit 4.3

You can browse TeamCity features in detail, inspect live TeamCity installation, or read PDF overview (~500k).

Oh, and let us not forget to mention this: TeamCity 2.0 is a free upgrade for all previous licensed users! We also offer academic and open source licenses.

Wishing you develop and collaborate with pleasure!

— JetBrains Team

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