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A new TeamCity EAP build: statistics improvements, build tags, search, and more

We are glad to announce the new EAP release of TeamCity 3.0. This release provides a number of useful and long-awaited features.

  • Search by the build number. The found builds are displayed in a pop-up window, and you can also view the found builds on a separate page:
  • searchresults.png

  • A brand new feature: build tagging. The easy to apply labels help you to better organize the builds history and quickly navigate to the builds marked with the specific label. You can apply multiple tags for a single build, for example, “EAP”, “release”, and others:
  • tag.png

  • Possibility to take the thread dumps for both Java and .NET build processes. This new feature helps to investigate the problems of the currently running build right from the web UI:
  • theaddump.png

  • Numerous statistics-related improvements:
    • Builds range and status filters added
    • Code coverage statistics graph is added with 4 series for class, method, block, and line coverage
    • Build sources checkout time now can be extracted form the full build duration time and is displayed as a separate Clean build duration graph:
    • builddurationgraph.png

  • Subscription to the finished builds RSS feed of the selected build configuration to help you stay up-to-date with the current projects status. Click the Subscribe link located at the bottom of the build configuration page and configure your feed reader to monitor TeamCity builds RSS.
  • subscribetofeednew.png

  • Several VCS-related improvements:
    • per-VCS root user names (possibility to set a specific username for each VCS root)
    • VCS trigger quiet period: TeamCity triggers a build only if there are no changes for the specified time in all VCS roots of a build configuration
    • VCS triggering filters by VCS user and VCS root (allows to prevent build triggering after changes submitted by a particular user or changes from a specific VCS root)
  • Miscellaneous improvements including ability to view a web diff for personal changes, ability to edit TeamCity server URL through the web UI and VCS roots attaching from the project’s page.

And as usual, the new release includes multiple bugfixes and performance improvements.

View the release notes and download the latest build. We eagerly wait for your feedback at our discussion forum.

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