Early Access Program

TeamCity 2021.2 RC is here

The Release Candidate build for TeamCity 2021.2 is ready!

This RC is the last step of our Early Access Program before the upcoming release of TeamCity 2021.2. To be the first one to explore its new features, you can download the RC build and install it on your trial server.

Reporting build statuses to Perforce Helix Swarm

TeamCity can now report build statuses to the Perforce Helix Swarm code-review tool.

If you use Helix Swarm for code reviews, you can enable the Commit Status Publisher feature in your Perforce build configurations in TeamCity. Set its type to Perforce Helix Swarm and enter the URL of your Helix Swarm server, as well as your username and ticket for connection:

Now, TeamCity will post the information about the new build statuses as comments to the respective code reviews in Helix Swarm.

Note that Helix Swarm usually creates reviews on shelved changelists whose description contains a special keyword, depending on your setup (for example, review). If you want TeamCity to trigger builds on Perforce shelved files automatically, you need to specify the same keyword in the Perforce Shelve Trigger settings as well.

Displaying user avatars

User avatars are now displayed next to the usernames, both in the classic and experimental UIs. Visual icons can help quickly identify the commits’ authors.

You can upload the avatar in your user profile settings.

Creating projects and build configurations from JetBrains Space repositories

TeamCity already integrates with JetBrains Space to authenticate users and report build statuses. Now, it can also natively create projects and build configurations from your JetBrains Space repositories.

The first step is to preconfigure a connection to your Space instance. Then, the JetBrains Space button will become available when creating a project or configuration in TeamCity. When clicking it for the first time, you will need to sign in to Space and grant TeamCity access to viewing your project data:

Choose a repository to create a project or build configuration from, and TeamCity will scan the repository and suggest the settings, as described here.

Passing parameters to selected dependency builds

TeamCity allows passing build parameters up the chain: that is, a later build in a chain can override properties of a preceding build. This lets you compose flexible and adaptable pipelines. To improve the flexibility even further, we’ve extended the reversed parameters’ syntax to support build ID masks.

Previously, it was possible to redefine a property only in a specific build or in all preceding builds at once. Now, you can specify a set of target builds if their IDs have a common prefix or suffix. To do this, use:


where prefix corresponds to the beginning of the target builds’ IDs, and suffix corresponds to their ending.

Read more details about this syntax in the documentation.

Other updates

  • The typed DSL is now supported for numerous settings of projects and build configurations. You can view the DSL code of a TeamCity object by clicking View as code in its settings.
  • Disabling cookies is not anymore necessary for accessing TeamCity from external HTTP clients.
    Previously, if you needed to send an API request with enabled cookies, it was required to pass both an access token and CSRF token. Now, sending an access token for authentication will be enough.
  • To customize a Content Security Policy (CSP) header, it is now enough to provide only the custom part, with no need to specify the full header value. If the full value is provided, only the different parts will be applied.
  • The C# Script runner now supports .NET 6.0.0-rc.1 and requires installing it on build agents that will run C# Script steps.
  • Bundled tools updates:
    • Bundled Amazon Corretto Java has been updated to version in the TeamCity server Docker images for Windows and Linux.
    • Bundled JaCoCo has been updated to version 0.8.7.
    • Bundled Ant has been updated to version 1.10.11.
    • The bundled ReSharper tool has been updated to version 2021.2.1.
    • The Jabber/XMPP and RSS feed support notifications plugins are no longer actively used and thus unbundled from TeamCity. To proceed using their functionality in TeamCity 2021.2, you need to download the required plugin via the link above and install it as described here.

See all resolved issues.

More features are on their way – stay tuned and check our roadmap for details.

Download TeamCity Morena 2021.2 RC or pull the Docker image with the EAP tag. Remember to install it on a trial server as the new version changes the TeamCity data format and downgrading to the previous production version is not supported.

All our EAP releases come with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations.

You are welcome to share your feedback in our forum or issue tracker.

Happy building!

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