Early Access Program FYI

A new TeamCity 3.0 EAP build: project roles and permissions, VCS labels and more

In this EAP build we make the introduction to the role-based access to TeamCity features and also provide a number of improvements in other areas.

  • The server administrators can now assign roles to users (available in Administration | User Accounts, particular user account page, Roles and Permissions tab):
    The already existing TeamCity users get the role of developers for all existing projects. You can find more detailed roles description in the release notes.
    In the nearest EAP releases we will improve the UI to allow assignment of roles to multiple users.
  • The long-awaited VCS labeling of sources used in the builds is available for CVS and Perforce:
  • labels1.png

  • Duplicates and Inspections runners now can accept Maven2 projects
  • Pre-tested commit is supported for IntelliJ IDEA with StarTeam, ClearCase, and Visual SourceSafe version controls
  • Duration charts can now be viewed for each unit test across multiple builds
  • Search feature improvements: search by build tags and project/build configuration name is now available
  • RSS feeds can now include only only the failed/successful builds or builds with changes of a particular user. The feature is accessible from the My Settings and Tools page:
  • Possibility to set the frequency of querying the VCS for changes (configurable on the server-wide or a single VCS root basis)
  • Ability to request immediate changes checking
  • A new area on Administration page: a list of all VCS roots configured in TeamCity
  • Support for different URLs for accessing the same SVN server from the TeamCity server and IDEs (no extra configuration is required)

View the more detailed release notes and download the latest build.

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