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Personilized RSS Feeds for Builds Results

In the latest TeamCity 3.0 EAP releases we added one more feature helping to keep you up with the status of builds of the certain build configurations – getting reports on their status via syndication feeds.

You can specify the content of your personalized feed selecting from a wide range of settings and subscribe to it, for example, using some external application. Receive new feed entries for:

  • all new builds or only successful or failed ones
  • builds triggered by changes of all users or a particular user in your company, or only your changes

To create a custom RSS feed and subscribe to it:

  1. Navigate to My Settings and Tools page, TeamCity Add-ons area, Syndication Feed and click Customize.
  2. On the new page that opens specify a number of options:
    • select Build Configurations (multiple selection is available)
    • determine the Feed Entries you want to be included in the reports (events such as builds, changes of particular users or both, triggering the syndication feed generation)
    • enter the authentication settings if required
  3. Copy and paste the resulting URL into your feed reader or click the Subscribe link and then select the desired application for reading the feed.

The resulting feed will be updated as soon as the new build matching the selected requirements completes.

The feed entries contain the summary of results of builds of the certain build configurations and navigatable links to the build changes and the build log:

Besides feed URL generator, it is possible to obtain the information about the finished builds from the home page of a build configuration.

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