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TeamCity 3.1 EAP!

Good news! TeamCity 3.1 is going to be released really soon and meanwhile we have prepated a new EAP build with a number of new features and interface improvements:

  • Build Agents’ Workload Statistics. To enable a better control on TeamCity’s Build Agents’ workload, we have introduced visualizing their load during the specified time period.
  • More .Net Tools Support: Now NAnt 0.86 runner and NUnit 2.4 testing framework are supported, and you can specify in the mode (x86 or x64) to run NUnit tests.
  • New notification options: receive notifications only when the build status changes selecting “Limit to only the first successful build after failed” and “Limit to only the first failed build after successful” options when setting up your notifications:
  • notification.png

  • Sending service messages via standard output. As TeamCity reports tests on-the-fly while the builds are still running (and not all tests are complete), each testing framework needs its own support for the feature. In TeamCity 3.1 we are going to introduce an easy way to report running tests information: just print a pre-formatted message to the standard output of the build process so that TeamCity is aware of the test.
  • “During-the-build” artifacts publishing is another tasty feature of service messages.
  • UI Enhancements:
    • All projects popup available from every page
    • Access to queued build estimate right from the overview page
    • Enhanced External Database Support. Database migration tool now supports any direction migration. Initial support for Oracle is implemented. Please try on as-is basis.
  • Other Improvements:
    • Build working directory setting
    • 3 levels of Builds History clean-up (artifacts, history, statistics)
    • Agent filter on build history
    • Quick search of the build on specific agent
    • Ability to watch all projects
    • TLS support for e-mail sending
    • Build scheduling with CRON-like expressions
    • “Tests time to fix” statistics
    • Syntax highlighting in duplicates viewer
    • Basic support for reporting tests running in parallel (parallel ant task or TestNG)
    • “View Agent Details” permission (by default the permission is set for the Project Developer, Project Administrator, Agent manager, and System administrator roles). In TeamCity Enterprise, Windows domain authentication is now available on Linux computers.
    • Duplicates and inspections browser now allows to browse results filtered by directories

View more detailed release notes and download the latest build.

And, as usually, we urge you to perform your data backup before upgrade and eagerly wait for your feedback! :)

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