Build Agents’ Statistics: Coming in 3.1


In TeamCity 3.1 we are going to provide more visual metrics, namely, statistics for TeamCity’s Build Agents’ activity and their usage during a particular period of time.

Click the Agents tab and then go to the Agent Statistics tab to get an overview of the Agents’ workload:

When you mouse over the fancy-looking stripes, you can see the builds-related info such as their number, duration, and results in a popup.

Of course, the page view is customizable and you can specify the time range and sort the Build Agents display by their name and workload.

We hope you’ll find this feature helpful in:

  • your daily administration activities for leveraging your company’s Build Grid
  • bridging the gap between the most frequently used computers and those which are often idle and, finally,
  • lowering the cost of your hardware resources ownership.

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