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TeamCity 3.1 – the first official release in 2008!

Even though TeamCity 3.0 brought a great deal of new features, it was long long ago – to be more precise – last year… :) Since then we got so much feedback and feature requests which we greatly appreciate and understood that we had to work harder :) A result is TeamCity 3.1 which is mostly a maintenance release but also brings a number of tasty features:

  • Visualization of Build Agents’ workload
  • “Time to fix tests” statistics report for monitoring the project health
  • Improvements in 3rd party .NET tools integration
  • More types of notification options
  • Improved external database support (Oracle)
  • Scope filter for Code Duplicates and Inspections browsers
  • New options for builds triggering

Plus multiple user interface enhancements, performance improvements, and bugfixes.

Read the detailed What’s New page at the official website.

Download TeamCity 3.1 and let us know what you think at our forum.

As usual we have updated our public demo server, and you can try the new features of this release without any installation and configuration.

Good luck with your builds!

The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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