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TeamCity Rake Build Runner EAP is Open!

We are glad to announce the EAP of Rake plugin for TeamCity. The plugin implements support of fully functional build runner and provides on-the-fly test reporting for the Test::Unit and RSpec testing frameworks.

The plugin is open-source and written in Java, and, of course, everyone is welcome to contribute. :)

Take a look at the working demo of the Rake builds in TeamCity at our public demo server, TeamCity Rake Runner Demo project, for example, Radiant:Spec build configuration.

To download the plugin, navigate to Teamcity Rake Runner project on the Projects page, point to the Artifacts link and download the plugin archive.

Please note that the plugin is compatible with TeamCity 3.1 and higher (the 3.1.1 version is going to be released really soon). For additional information please refer to the plugin description page and on-line reference.

We wish you a happy building with Rake Build Runner and eagerly wait for your feedback!

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