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Concrete TeamCity Use Cases

Here, at JetBrains, we use TeamCity for building all our projects and TeamCity itself and have multiple build configurations for quite different purposes to thoroughly test our tools. All in all – about 700! build per day, 170 build configurations for:

  • estimating code quality by discovering code duplicates, bugs, performance issues, and dead code and measure the code coverage with unit tests
  • scheduled builds (such as, for example, nightly ones)
  • “stress” tests and many other cases

Aaron Jensen has recently praised TeamCity’s possibilities, and now he shares real life examples of TeamCity’s build configurations set up in his company.

First and foremost, come the continuous integration builds triggered by VCS check-in and scheduled nightly builds.

He also uses TeamCity’s ability to specify the dependencies between the results of the builds of the build configurations. You can read more about in a blog post on artifact dependencies and dependent builds triggering.

And, finally, he mentions utility build configurations for revealing duplicate code and getting the Subversion repository statistics via StatSVN.

We are sure that you can make the most of TeamCity’s options when setting up your own build configurations selecting from a variety of triggering options, specifying dependencies between the builds artifacts and other build configurations and many others.

Wish you happy building, and, by the way, stay tuned to our blog ;) Right now we are really busy discussing the next version features pool, so the roadmap is going to be published soon. Meanwhile, you can vote for the feature requests (and, of course, create new requests) at our new issue tracker and online forum.

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