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New Dependencies Types, History Builds plus Other Enhancements in TeamCity 4.0 EAP Build

The release of TeamCity 4.0 is not far away, and you have a chance to try a number of its cool new features right now:

  • “same sources” dependencies between the build configurations ensuring your build starts only after the build it depends on is run and finished
  • “history builds” getting the desired changes from the list of the latest ones
  • enhanced search allowing to find builds by their status text, VCS label, test name, trigger name, changes committer and more
  • multiple user interface changes including redesigned Change Log and others

Download the latest EAP build, read new features description in the release notes and familiarize with the list of fixed issues.

And, as usual, we urge you to backup your data before upgrade to a new version.

Wish you a happy building and eagerly wait for your feedback!
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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