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Choose a Build Agent to Run Your Personal Build

When running your builds, TeamCity selects between the build agents taking into account a whole set of different factors and parameters. First and foremost, it tries to run the build on the fastest available build agent based on builds history of a build configuration on this agent. And since the available build runners depend on environment where the agent is running, TeamCity chooses an agent having required a build runner.

Until recently it was possible to run the build on desired build agent only from the web interface by, for example, clicking the Run button and selecting the desired agent from the list. The Run configuration policy, which we have told you some time ago, allows to make TeamCity create builds of some build configurations only on specific build agents. As a result, TeamCity will create builds of the build configuration only on specific build agents no matter if they are initiated:

  • manually (either from the web interface or using the pre-tested commit)
  • automatically when the changes appear in the version control system
  • periodically (a time-based trigger is enabled)

With TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ IDEA you can now opt to select one or several build agents to run your personal build on. Such approach allows you to test your changes with more granularly under:

  • desired platforms,
  • operating systems,
  • databases,
  • environment variables.

which are specified for the build agent available in your company’s build grid:
Selecting Build Agents

The latest builds with the updated IntelliJ IDEA plugin are available at our EAP page.

We hope you will greatly enjoy the feature and use it on a daily basis.

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