Early Access Program FYI News

Grab Yourself One of the Last EAP Builds before the TeamCity 4.0 Release

In this EAP build you can find a number of TeamCity 4.0 planned features and enhancements:

  • More possibilities for build sequences and artifact dependencies.
  • Eclipse plugin usability improvements.
  • VCS integration-related improvements for CVS, Perforce, and Subversion.
  • Adding comments for a finished build.
  • Search improvements.

Read more about this build in detailed release notes and download the latest build.

Since now we open the sources of ClearCase integration and Eclipse plugin so everyone is welcome to contribute and discuss the plugins-related issues at the plugins development forum.

As always we urge you to back up your data before upgrading to a new version.

Please let us know what you think about the feature improvements we've made by sharing your opinions and issues at our support forum.

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