Find Answers in TeamCity Reference Faster and Easier

TeamCity is much about customization of a great number of settings that results in the elaborate structure of the Reference documentation that we develop. At the moment it includes a number of levels and is split into many sections and finding out the desired topic by simply switching between entries can turn out to be rather difficult task.

To make your life just a little bit easier, we added a small nicety employing the opportunities of the Confluence engine that our reference is based upon. Instead of trying to fetch the results across multiple global spaces that we have here at JetBrains, we limited search to TeamCity 4.0 documentation space only. All the information available in other spaces and other versions of TeamCity Reference is simply cut out.

Just start typing the issue in the search field above the table of contents, view the suggested results highlighted in a popup window, and quickly navigate to the desired topic:

For the forthcoming release we have a number of tricks in the pocket. Stay tuned, check out what is new in this release, and get yourself the latest TeamCity 4.0 EAP build.

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