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TeamCity Issue Tracker Upgrade

As you probably know, it’s been about a year now since TeamCity migrated from Jira to an in-house issue tracker, code-named Charisma.

Those of you who have ever posted any requests to our tracker have probably got used to its features and GUI. However, one year is a heck of long time, and of course Charisma did evolve since then. The time for change has come, and a week ago the brand new UI has been pushed to, and now you can try it yourself. The old-timey UI (aka “workspace”) will be abandoned soon.
So head to your profile (“Settings” tab) in the tracker and select “Use New UI”. You will then be redirected to the new UI URL:

You can still reach the old UI at, but if you ever need it — let us know why. We are eagerly waiting for your feedback: we’d like to improve the new UI so that you feel comfortable using it, before we drop the old one for good.

Please, don’t hesitate to share your opinion, ideas and suggestions with us in TeamCity community. If you have found a bug, post the issue right into Charisma.

We wish you happy building with TeamCity and hope to hear from you soon!
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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