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Next TeamCity 5.0 EAP is Released

Great news, everyone — we just released the next EAP build for TeamCity 5.0! What did we include in this build? One major brand new feature, some updates for already introduced features, and some enhancements — our traditional set for EAPs. Here’s the brief list of what you’ll find in this one:

  • First of all, we introduce build configuration templates. The goal of this major feature is to get rid of duplicating the build configuration settings. Of course, you can copy build configuration that seems most suitable, and use it as a base for a new one. However, in case something changes, you will still need to make same modifications in all similar build configurations. Now all you have to do is create a template (template actually has the same settings as a regular build configuration) and then associate any number of build configurations with this template. Any change in the template will affect all of the build configurations associated with it.
  • UI for Amazon EC2 settings: now you can edit Amazon cloud profiles from the web UI, without editing configuration files manually.
  • Enhanced My Changes page: you can see not only builds running with your change but also new tests already failed in these builds.
  • Dependency trigger on Maven artifact: this new kind of dependency trigger will start a build if a specified Maven artifact changes.
  • Plus some more improvements including support for Oracle 11, widened set of details displayed for disconnected build agent, UI enhancements, etc.

For detailed list of changes, please refer to the complete Release notes for today’s TeamCity EAP.

Download the new EAP build, give it a try and use it, and send your feedback to us — we always wait for it at our issue tracker and online forum.
And last, but not the least: please don’t forget to back up your data before upgrade.

Wish you happy building!
The JetBrains TeamCity team

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