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One Step Closer to TeamCity 5.0 — New EAP is Here

There is not much time left till the scheduled TeamCity 5.0 release and we’re forward looking to the final stage of development. The new EAP build contains some new features plus enhancements listed briefly below:

  • Per-test responsibility. Now you can assign responsibility not only for the entire build crash, but for particular failed tests. Also, the new “Responsibilities” tab with currently taken responsibilities taken in a project is added to the project home page.
  • New template-related actions: “Extract template” and “Create build configuration from template”. The first of these actions, “Extract template”, allows the user to create a new template from an existing build configuration. The second action allows creating new build configuration from an existing template. In both cases, build configuration is associated with a template automatically.
  • Remote run for GIT in IntelliJ IDEA
  • Support for <gant/> task in Ant build scripts
  • Support for recognition of compilation errors output produced by <groovyc/> Ant task
  • Git and Mercurial plugins are now bundled in TeamCity distribution
  • and a bit more…

Check the complete Release notes for for more details.

Download the new EAP build, and please don’t forget to back up your data before upgrade.

Wish you happy building!
The JetBrains TeamCity team

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