Yet another step to TeamCity 5.0

TeamCity 5.0 is approaching inevitably and here we are with fresh EAP build. :)
All major new features have been introduced already in previous EAPs, but still you’ll find lots of improvements and fixes to check:

  • Amazon EC2 support: build agents running on Amazon EC2 shut down automatically if idle for a chosen time; plus Amazon EC2 integration can be enabled/disabled now.
  • Command line remote run tool: reading a list of changed files from stdin is supported.
  • New system wide notifications.
  • Improved TeamCity startup procedure.
  • Build configuration templates: cross-project associations between templates and configurations are now available. Also, the “Move” operation for templates is added.
  • Clean-up: clean-up rules can be specified for build configuration templates, plus the “Build History Clean-up” page has been reworked.
  • Enhanced “My changes” page.
  • and more…

For detailed list check the Release notes.

Download fresh EAP build. Please back up your data before upgrade.
We always wait for your feedback at TeamCity forum.

Wish you happy building!
The JetBrains TeamCity team

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5 Responses to Yet another step to TeamCity 5.0

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  3. t800t8 says:


    Does TeamCity Visual Studio plugin support VS2010?

  4. Eugene Petrenko says:

    It does not support VS2010 yet. We plan to add support for it in the future, stay tuned.

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