TeamCity at “To Build or Not to Be”

Last week two our team members, Sergey Anchipolevsky and Max Feldman, went to Israel and have participated in the Continuous Integration & Build seminar “To Build or Not to Be” held by JFrog. By the way, JFrog has recently announced the release of a great plugin for TeamCity — the result of joined efforts of JFrog and JetBrains teams.

The seminar gathered a lot of great people. It was interesting to meet with Kohsuke Kawaguchi — creator of Hudson, and Hans Dockter — the founder of Gradle. The guys were truly excited by Hans Dockter’s talk about his brainchild — Gradle, an enterprise-grade build system. Hans Dockter greatly appreciated TeamCity and suggested the collaboration to provide an integration of TeamCity and Gradle.

Everyone agreed about the common goals to promote Continuous Integration practices and we’ll definitely combine our efforts on the forthcoming JavaOne 2010.

We would like to thank Shlomi Ben-Haim, CEO of JFrog, for the invitation, the cordial welcome, for organizing the meetings for us, and we look forward to further cooperations.

Check out some pictures from the event.

If you have any thoughts, we definitely want to hear them!

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