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TeamCity 6.0 EAP (build 15509)

Recently we’ve blogged about separate build runners for .NET test frameworks in TeamCity 6.0. Now you can finally try them in a new EAP build!

However, it’s not the only noteworthy improvement, there’s the whole bunch of them:

  • Once again the My Changes page was improved. Now you can see changes related to a project on it, and per build configuration filtering of the build problems has become simplier.
  • Collapsible build log: the whole build log of a finished build is now represented as a tree of messages. This way it’s easier to find long stages in your build and analyze them.
  • We’ve included Gradle runner plugin based on source code provided by Gradle community into the TeamCity distribution. Currently, this plugin is in the early alpha stage.
  • Now it has become possible to add build steps to template based build configurations.
  • and more.

We are trully thankful for your feedback – feature requests, suggestions, finding bugs, etc., but it would be extremely useful if we could have some raw statistics data to measure how TeamCity features are used. That’s why we’ve added one more tab – Usage statistics – to the Administration | Server Configuration area. On this page you can find statistics values like number of IDE plugins used, or average build duration, or the most popular pages, etc. Don’t worry, we’re not trying to be a Big Brother, no data is sent to us by TeamCity! However, we plan to add an option here so you could share your statistics with us to give us better understanding of feature usage.

You can help us make TeamCity suit better your needs!

See release notes for complete list of changes.

Download new build, but do not forget to backup your data before installing it.

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