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New TeamCity REST API documentation

TeamCity REST API is a powerful tool which lets you integrate external applications with the TeamCity server and create diverse script interactions. To make this instrument more useful and easier to understand, we have reworked the REST API documentation.

New TeamCity REST API documentation

Compared to a general guide we had in the past, the new documentation provides more details and offers better navigation between sections. For beginners, it offers a quick start guide and describes common use cases. We plan to describe more popular cases and explore advanced topics in the future.
Experienced users will appreciate the full reference on API models, methods, and locators. It is automatically generated based on the source code of the most recent REST API version.

Explore TeamCity REST API documentation

As this documentation is a work in progress, we will be glad to receive your feedback. Leave a comment to this post or use the "Was this page helpful?" widget at the bottom of each documentation page.

For now, we kept the previous REST API guide as is. If you find it more convenient, you can continue using it, though we encourage you to try the new docs.

We hope you enjoy using the new REST API documentation!

Happy building!

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