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Meet new TeamCity 6.5 EAP build

There is not too much time left till TeamCity 6.5 release. We plan to release it in May, hopefully in the first part of the month. Since previous EAP build, we’ve made significant progress and as a result we are ready to announce another TeamCity 6.5 EAP build with some noteworthy changes.

First of all, those who use TeamCity and dotCover absolutely must try our new feature: VS addin is now able to download dotCover coverage snapshot from the TeamCity server and show it in the Visual Studio. Note that for this you’ll need nightly build of dotCover installed in Visual Studio.

Another interesting feature (and one of the most voted in our tracker) is the ability to use parameter references in VCS root settings. For example, in VCS root you can specify %branch% instead of real branch name. Actual value of the branch parameter can be set in parameters of build configuration or project where this VCS root is used. Thus you can effectively have much more generic VCS root settings and share them among many build configurations and projects.

You should also take a look at the finished build parameters feature. Have you ever asked a question with what exact parameters (environment variables or properties) your build ran on an agent? Now you have the convenient way to see all of them.

See full list of changes is listed in our change log. Download this build and share your feedback with us. Note that on the first start with existing data this build will need to perform data conversion so do not forget to make a backup. Fortunately now you can do it right from the TeamCity startup screen.

Happy building!

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