Early Access Program

TeamCity 7.0 EAP (build 20334)

New TeamCity 7.0 EAP build is ready and waiting for you to try! We have improved features introduced in the first EAP build, and of course we’ve got some completely new stuff.

.NET Inspections runner

Yes, it’s finally here and it’s based on powerful ReSharper code analysis engine! Now you can run .NET inspections and see the results right in TeamCity.

Global Maven settings

Previously you could specify path to alternative user settings file (equivalent to Maven command line option -s or –settings) in build configuration.  Now you can define these settings xml files globally in Server Configuration area, and use them in your Maven builds. When you create or modify a build configuration you will only need to select, whether you want to use default settings file (chosen by Maven), specified by path or global (uploaded on server). Since TeamCity stores these files under <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/_mavenSettings , you  can update them there whenever you need.

Per-check-in builds

If you have fast builds, you can now trigger them for each check-in, or for a group of check-ins made by the same user. Why? Thus you will see right away who broke what! When a build contains one check-in, or a couple of check-ins by one user, there can be no doubts, who’s responsible for a new failed test.  ;)

Fail build on a specific text in build log

We’ve already mentioned this feature in one of the recent posts, though we have improved it since then and we would like to hear your feedback on it.

Graph of commits

If your project uses Git or Mercurial you can see graph of commits on build configuration change log page. Graphs are also useful for non-DAG-based VCSs: they make it easier to understand where a VCS root modification comes from.

…and the rest gets only better!

We’ve improved, reworked and made better:

  • Administration interface for Agent Pools
  • Snapshot dependencies graph
  • Tree view in build log
  • NuGet integration
  • and more

Don’t forget to back up your TeamCity instance, try the build and help us make another one better for you!

Happy building!

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