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Improved .NET inspections

Over the last few weeks we have made a great deal of improvements in .NET inspections support. As a result .NET Inspections (powered by JetBrains ReSharper) and FxCop inspections runners produce much more clear results.

In case you missed, some time ago we announced new .NET inspections runner based on ReSharper inspections engine, and we already received feedback on it. Thanks to our EAP users we were able to fix a number of serious problems:
– LINQ usages are marked as unresolved symbols;
TW-18724 NUnit attributes usages (and all External Annotations);
TW-18730 Usages of resources in WPF, Silverlight projects.

Now the updated plug-in is available for download: follow the installation instructions and share your feedback with us.

As for FxCop runner, it now has a new setting – ‘FxCop version’.

It is really useful in case you have several FxCop versions installed in your build farm: selecting the version of FxCop to use in the runner settings will allow to keep the results consistent. If you’re not sure which FxCop versions you have installed, just go to Agents > Parameters Report page and use ‘system.FxCopCmdFileVersion’ parameter name. You’ll get something like this.

Updated plug-in is available to download too.

Note that both plugins are compatible with the latest TeamCity 7.0 EAP and are not intended to work with earlier TeamCity versions.


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