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TeamCity 7.0 EAP (build 20939): smart and good looking

Right in between Christmas and New Year’s eve we’ve got a shiny surprise for you – new EAP build. It’s going to be hard not to notice the changes in today’s TeamCity EAP build, because we’ve significantly changed user interface aiming to make it more friendly, logical, simple and clear. To begin with, we have redesigned the Administration page to provide faster and easier access to frequently used sections and simplify navigation by grouping settings.

Secondly, it is now very easy to see when a test failed for the first time: you can find this information right above expanded stacktrace:

We decided to get rid of Bulk mode and always show check boxes near test names instead.

In addition to mentioned changes, there are numerous usability improvements: the whole list you can find in the release notes.

However, changed look is not the only noteworthy thing here. In one of the previous EAP builds you could have noticed an experimental feature “Types for build properties”. Since then, it has been greatly improved and now it’s ready to use! The following types are now supported:

  • simple text field with ability to validate its value using regular expression
  • password field
  • check box
  • select control

Note, that if you want to use a typed parameter to introduce a password field in Run custom build dialog, values of password parameters will be hidden from build log and Build Parameters tab of the build, plus values of these parameters can’t be seen in custom build dialog and are stored in scrambled form in configuration files.

As usual, these are only the highlights and there are more to it, so we recommend to take a look at the release notes and give it a try!

Happy New Year and happy building!

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