TeamCity 7.0 RC (build 21209)

Yes, we’re just a couple of bugs away from the final release, and today we can publish a build that is almost “the one”.
The release notes are quite short this time – it’s all about bug-fixes now.
However, we still need you to try it out and do your bit by sending us some feedback.

Stay tuned, we’re very close to the finishing line!

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3 Responses to TeamCity 7.0 RC (build 21209)

  1. popalka says:

    >Stay tuned, we’re very close to the finishing line!
    It’s nice!

  2. Nick Delany says:

    We’re using AVG version 12 and both the EAP installed and the current 6.5 installer are blocked as containing a virus.

    I’m sure it’s a false positive, but maybe you should talk to them.


  3. Nick Delany says:

    Sorry, that should say ‘… both the EAP installer and …’

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