TeamCity 7.0.2

New bug-fix update for TeamCity is now available – TeamCity 7.0.2, build #21349.

The build addresses important performance and memory issues actual for installations with big number of build configurations; it also addresses performance of agent-side Subversion checkout in 1.7 format. The issue with recent builds not shown on the overview page is fixed in this build too.

You can find a number of other substantial fixes in the complete release notes.

Download the build and share your feedback with us.


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3 Responses to TeamCity 7.0.2

  1. xiebbs says:

    When will you support 2011 beta ?

  2. > When will you support 2011 beta ?
    Current plans are to provide beta-level support in 7.1
    Please see one of corresponding issues: TW-21055, TW-21092.

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