Early Access Program

TeamCity 7.1 EAP is open (build 23254)

The release of TeamCity 7.1 is so far planned for mid-June, and today we launch the early access program, so don’t sit on your hands – grab the first EAP build while it’s hot! Today’s menu includes:

Current problems: now on Overview page

If you need to monitor problems in many build configurations, you can now get the whole picture right on the overview page without having to expand each and every build configuration in question:

Sticky investigations

Normally an investigation assigned for a build configuration or a test is automatically cleared once the build configuration becomes green or the test passes. What if it’s a “flickering” test: green-red-green-red… and so on? Still has to be investigated! To allow better management of such problems we introduced manual mode for investigation resolving. When you assign an investigation you can select how you want it to be resolved: automatically, or manually:

Version Control Repository browser

In several places in build step settings, where a path to a build script can be specified, a small icon appeared: . By clicking on this icon you’ll be presented with a VCS repository browser allowing you to choose a file in repository.

And more!

  • Own investigation highlighting
  • Branch names are shown for builds triggered by Remote Run on branch trigger
  • Fixed clean checkout issue for builds from branches
  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin improvements
  • Brand new service implementation for TeamCity server (be careful, there can be bugs)

Find the details in the complete release notes, try the build and share your feedback with us!

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