Early Access Program

TeamCity 7.1 EAP (build 23373)

New TeamCity EAP build (#23373) is available today. Be the first one to try it! Here’s what we’ve got for you this time:

  • NTLM HTTP authentication support: You’ve waited for this feature quite a while, and now the related issue (TW-6885) is finally closed!
  • Changes from artifact dependencies: Changes in artifact dependencies are now reported in the way similar to VCS changes.
  • Branches improvements: Not only TeamCity displays branches names now, but you can also filter shown builds, changes and issues by specific branch.
  • Support for Amazon EC2 EBS instances: New EC2 instance types are now supported, plus it is now possible to specify the Amazon Instance ID instead of Image ID to make TeamCity start/stop the instance as if it was an image.
  • More flexible build steps configuration: Previously, if your build consisted of several steps, TeamCity would stop executing build steps if a non-zero exit code was returned from the previous step. Now you can change this behavior, and tell TeamCity to continue executing build steps anyway.
  • Support for .rvmrc in “Ruby environment configurator” build feature: Ruby Environment Configurator build feature is now able to configure environment for the subsequent build steps from the .rvmrc file. (See TW-14493)
  • Checkout on label in Perforce integration: In Perforce VCS root settings you can now specify label to be used to checkout sources. If you change it for the VCS root, the next build with changed label will show the changes since previously labeled build.

See the complete release notes, back up your TeamCity instance, try the build and share your feedback with us!


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