Early Access Program

TeamCity 8.0 EAP (build 27147)

More than a month passed from last TeamCity EAP and we’re glad to disclose what have been done. Multiple improvements were made to the functionality we introduced in previous EAPs.

Project groups

We continue to integrate groups of projects into TeamCity. When new version is out we promise you won’t believe that there was no allusion to the groups in TeamCity just a few months before. Check an incomplete list of the places which are aware of sub-projects now:

  • Project hierarchy is shown on Administration|Projects page;
  • Projects hierarchy is shown in all drop downs where a list of projects or configurations is displayed;
  • Notification rule defined for a project will be effective for sub-projects too;
  • It is possible to define cleanup rules for projects. These cleanup rules are default ones for build configurations from this project and its sub-projects.

Get a full list of changes in release notes.


Meta Runner is a powerful feature providing a promising new way for customizing TeamCity and making it even more people-oriented. To understand it, let’s consider an example.

Imagine you have some repeated task used over and over again across different build configurations. The task is defined as one or more build steps, based on built-in runners, like Ant or command line. Most likely you’d want to reuse this task easily across several build configurations. You can’t do this with templates because template enforces you to share the same settings across different configurations which is not always possible. A solution which we propose is to extract Meta-runner out of these steps, see how it works in release notes.

External IDs and projects transfer

External IDs will help to simplify import/export of projects and build configurations. We introduced them one EAP ago made some improvements from last time:

  • it’s possible to define external ID for build configuration and template;
  • external ID can be used in HTTP and REST requests;
  • external IDs are stored in project configuration files, not internal ones.

Read more about external IDs in release notes.

Disk Usage Report

Disk Usage is now integrated with Server Health. New report, based on disk usage, show configurations with large build log files which are rarely useful because it’s difficult to analyze them. Read more on this report in release notes.

Queued Build page

Dependencies progress has been added and you can see estimates for all dependencies in one place now.

Please, try new EAP and tell us about your experience. You can find a full list of changes in release notes.

Happy building!

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