TeamCity 8.0.3 (build 27540) is ready

Please welcome another bugfix release build with a bunch of improvements.

Let us mention some of the most important:
– The issue with caching server side checkout patches which caused significant performance problems in some installations is now fixed.
– We’ve found and fixed a defect with build triggering , thanks to Niek Bartholomeus.
– Some icons in the web interface were tuned to better suit red/green color-blind people, and we hope TeamCity is friendlier to you now!
– Dependencies of Ant network tasks (FTP, sshexec) are now bundled with TeamCity.

Refer to our release notes for the complete list of fixed issues.

Download page

Happy building!

The TeamCity Team

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2 Responses to TeamCity 8.0.3 (build 27540) is ready

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    tan.yang says:

    August 30, 2013

    I have a problem for suggestion,please forgive my poor english ,my problem just like this:
    In TeamCity, I have A B C D four build B & C snapshoot depend on A ,and D is artifacts depend on B & C. ABCD all are maven build ,now ,I want to pass D’s paramaters to B&C,the paramaters are used by maven’s -P。

    When I run build D,I want B&C can use the same paramateers configured in D,and when I run B or C independent,I hope B &C use ther paramaters configerd by themselvies.

    Hope you can help me ,thankyou very much

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    Michael Kuzmin says:

    August 30, 2013

    Vote for this feature request in
    Snapshot dependencies work in pull-style: you run build D, and it calls build A automatically.

    As a workaround you can configure the build chain in a push-style: set up Finish Build Triggers in build A to start builds B and C.
    It allows you starting build A with desired parameters, and reference them in build B, C, and D using Dependencies Properties

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