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TeamCity 8.1 EAP (build 29790) is available

TeamCity 8.1 is on the way planned to be released in first half of February 2014! We can feel your anticipation building, so you are in for a treat with this TeamCity 8.1 EAP build as it comes with a number of great features!

Improved Build Artifacts Configuration

When you set up a new build configuration, you might have a very vague idea of what the names and paths of your build artifacts will be. Now, after creating a build configuration and running the first build, TeamCity will show you the build checkout directory browser, listing the directories/files available there. All you need to do is click the directories/file names and the paths to the artifacts will be set. Another handy feature is the file size displayed in the same browser to let you know how much disk space will be consumed.

Changes Page UI

TeamCity interface is getting cooler with the reworked Changes page. Now each change has a new pie-chart icon, the pie slices showing the relative size of pending, successful, as well as old and new problematic builds affected by the change.

More Accurate Build Run Time Estimation

Prior to this version, the calculation of the running build duration was based on the average run time of the latest builds of a build configuration. Now TeamCity uses a new algorithm taking into account build stages reached by the build: if a build is still executing a build step and TeamCity knows that there are two more build steps, the system will calculate the time left for the current step execution and add the time required to complete the next two steps. The granularity of the build process analysis makes the estimates more accurate.

Other Improvements

This EAP also includes:

  • improved performance of the restore from backup operation;
  • the ability to set up an artifact dependency on a previous build of the same build configuration, which was requested by a number of TeamCity users;
  • ability to copy templates, which was another frequent request;
  • Maven 3.1 now bundled with TeamCity;
  • the bundled Ant is updated to version 1.8.4

We continue working on usability and performance, fixing bugs and getting rid of imperfections  – see the full list of changes for details!

Download the new EAP! We really appreciate you helping us a great deal to make a great product and we are excited to hear your feedback on this build before applying finishing touches to TeamCity 8.1!

Happy building!

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