TeamCity 8.1 RC (build 29848) is here

Julia Alexandrova

Greetings! We’ve been busy since introducing the TeamCity 8.1 EAP back in October 2013. Now, after several months of working on new features, we are happy to say that TeamCity has become more stable and today we are announcing the availability of the TeamCity 8.1 Release Candidate!

In addition to the improvements in previous EAP releases, TeamCity RC build 29848 brings you:

  • command-line build steps detection when creating a project using a URL: TeamCity now proposes running command-line build steps. At the moment, .pl, .sh, .cmd and .bat scripts are supported.
  • improved error reporting for TFS

More performance and usability issues have been fixed – see the complete change log for details. Download TeamCity 8.1 for final testing and feel free to leave here any questions or comments on it!

It’s almost time to kick TeamCity 8.1 out the door, and we plan to get this released to you shortly, so stay tuned!

Happy building!

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2 Responses to TeamCity 8.1 RC (build 29848) is here

  1. mike says:

    February 14, 2014


    Have some issues with the Teamcity 8.1a Release. It’S about the compatable build agents. I have defines the rule that a parameter has to exist but with the new Release this parameter is not recognized by the agent “”. The parameter is defined in the projects parameter section and is ingherited down to the build configurations. So compatible agents are now incompatible because of the missing recognisation of this parameter.



  2. Pavel Sher says:

    February 15, 2014

    If you still has this problem with TeamCity 8.1, please submit an issue in our tracker with all details.


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