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TeamCity 8.1: Give it a URL, Give it a Try

Greetings to all of you and congratulations on the arrival of TeamCity 8.1!

It’s half a year since TeamCity 8.0 shed light on your continuous integration process, and just when you thought you got the most fantastic build server of all, we are releasing the new and improved TeamCity 8.1!

Creating your first build in TeamCity has always been simple, but it could still be somewhat daunting for a newbie, so we did our best to simplify this process. Let’s just say TeamCity cements its reputation as the intelligent Continuous Integration Server with version 8.1: just give it the URL of your project in a version control system and jet to your first build! Seeing is better than reading, so watch the magic in action:

Besides being smarter than ever and remarkably easy to install, set up, and manage, TeamCity 8.1 brings you feature branches auto-merge for Git and Mercurial, it comes with full support for Visual Studio 2013, Subversion 1.8, Xcode 5, and more!

The list of all the benefits you gain from the new version is way too long for a blog post, so see our What’s New on the product web site and our documentation for details.

Download TeamCity 8.1 now!

Happy building!

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