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TeamCity 9.0 EAP2 – Clean-up in background, Perforce streams and more

Greetings, everyone!

The fall has clearly arrived at our neck of the woods with yellow and scarlet foliage, rains, first frosts and a rich apple harvest. And while almost everyone seems to be busy baking apple pies, our developers are tirelessly cooking the new TeamCity version, carefully weighing out and mixing all the best ingredients which nicely turned into this TeamCity 9.0 EAP2 build.

Regardless of the season and the temperature outside, you do want your server to be available 24/7 and this is exactly what we have been able to achieve by moving the build history clean-up to the background.

Besides, the work on synchronizing the project settings with version controls continues, and now you can store your settings in a Mercurial repository.

Our developers make an effort to improve TeamCity integration with different version controls:

    • This EAP release includes initial support for Perforce streams.
    • We also improved support for the Mercurial version control system and now, for example, you can enable mercurial extensions only in the repositories where they are required. Previously you had to to edit global mercurial configs on the server and agents, which was inflexible and could lead to performance problems: we know it from our own experience here at JetBrains: the ReSharper team is using the largefiles extension which in our case used to slow down the hg pull command significantly in repositories. After removing the largefiles extension, collecting changes time reduced to a few seconds compared to 10 minutes before.

This is by far not all – see our Release Notes for the complete list of the features and fixes in this new EAP version.

Download the build to try it in your test environment and remember that your feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated!

Happy building!

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2 Responses to TeamCity 9.0 EAP2 – Clean-up in background, Perforce streams and more

  1. Avatar

    Martin says:

    October 21, 2014

    BTW, just discovered that it is not allowed to use parameters (env, config, system) within the Perforce streams field. Any idea why this is not allowed?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Avatar

    maxkir says:

    October 21, 2014

    Hello Martin,

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    Actually, variables should work in the stream field. But for all configurations where the VCS Root is used, this variable should resolve to an existing build configuration parameter. Also, it is supposed that you specify a stream parameter in %stream_variable% format, i.e. not as env.var or system.var parameter.

    Hope, this helps,

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