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TeamCity 9.0 EAP3 comes with project import, favorite builds and more!

Hello, our dear readers! Have we got the most exciting news for you! Although it feels like we just announced opening the TeamCity 9.0. EAP, it’s almost time for the release and we are presenting TeamCity 9.0 EAP3 build 31886 today!

We promised you the ability to move projects among servers as one of the great new features of TeamCity 9.0, and in this EAP you get the feel of what it’s eventually going to be. We were contemplating on different implementation approaches, and initially considered to add the ability to export projects from a TeamCity server, but then we realized that we already have what we need in a regular backup file, so we switched to project import! Now all you need to do is create a backup file on the source server and then select projects you want to import on the target server. Read more in our Release notes.

Another useful feature of this release is favorite builds – you can now star your favorite builds and they will be listed on a dedicated page. Optionally, you can also configure notifications for your favorites.

The TeamCity web UI is getting more and more user-friendly: now you can create and modify custom charts right from the UI.

Those of you who use meta-runners will love the new option to create a build configuration from a Meta-Runner, which makes it easier to fix problems in the Meta-Runner and verify the fixes.

Among other features is the ability to compress artifacts to a 7-zip archive, new options for Perforce VCS roots, the ability to push parameters to dependent builds when using snapshot dependencies, etc.; these and about 150 fixed issues are listed in our Release notes.

Download the newest TeamCity build and give it a test-drive now! We are anxious to hear your feedback – help us to make TeamCity better!

Happy building!

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