2015 TeamCity Plugin Contest: Don’t Hesitate to Participate

Julia Alexandrova

We are announcing the first ever TeamCity Plugin Contest! Whether you are new to TeamCity or a devoted fan, we believe you should be limited by your creativity alone and not by the tool you use, so how would you like to win up to $7000 in Amazon certificates, enterprise licenses for team tools, personal licenses for IDEs, or even a trip to one of JetBrains’ offices?

It’s easy – develop your own plugin to TeamCity! TeamCity has a flexible architecture which can be extended in a number of ways (runners for new build tools and testing frameworks, notifiers, etc.) and the contest is straightforward: create an innovative plugin to TeamCity or add some significant features to one of the existing plugins, and take a prize home!

Submissions start today and close at 11:59 AM (EDT) on June 15, 2015! Don’t hesitate to enter: winner or not, everyone who submits a valid plugin gets a free personal license for any JetBrains IDE!

See the full information on the prizes and conditions on our site and register to enter the contest!

The TeamCity documentation provides lots of information to help you write a plugin, and with our Getting Started guide you can create a simple plugin in a matter of minutes!

If you need inspiration, there are also a bunch of possible plugin ideas in our tracker for you.

We are sure you’ll have plenty of feedback while writing your plugin, and you are most welcome to post comments or issues to our forum or issue tracker!

Good luck and happy building!

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3 Responses to 2015 TeamCity Plugin Contest: Don’t Hesitate to Participate

  1. Grigory Chernyshev says:

    April 16, 2015

    Hello, guys!
    It’s great idea I no doubt I’ll participate in it 🙂
    If some one still need inspiration or ideas of plugins I can share my thoughts:
    * Plugin manager — we are building plugins or what? So why not create a plugin for managing plugins? 😉
    * Take a look at existing plugins for another CI systems — there are a lot of and you can easily find some cool, but missing functionality.

    Wish everyone good luck and happy hacking 🙂

    • Julia Alexandrova says:

      April 16, 2015

      Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback, Grigory! We are looking forward to trying out your plugin!

  2. Anonymous says:

    April 19, 2015

    Please add Fossil version control system support.


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