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TeamCity 9.1.EAP3 is available

Greetings, everybody!

Hot summer news from TeamCity: 9.1 EAP3 (build 36802) is available for you to download and try!

As the release time is approaching, we are focusing on polishing the new features and fixing known problems, so altogether this build contains over 90 fixes and improvements.

By default, the communication between the TeamCity server and agent is bidirectional, which causes issues with the agent firewall, now you can configure the agent to use unidirectional connection to the server! More details are available in our Release Notes.

For .Net developers, this EAP brings you a new test runner, Visual Studio Tests, which integrates the bundled MSTest runner and the VSTest console runner formerly provided as an external plugin. Now one runner supports both testing frameworks enabling TeamCity to execute tests and automatically import their test results.
Note that after upgrade to TeamCity 9.1, MSTest build steps are automatically converted to the Visual Studio Tests runner steps, while the VSTest steps will remain unchanged.

Take a look at our Release Notes for a more detailed description of features and enhancements, download and install this EAP build! As usual, your feedback in our forum or issue tracker is most welcome!

Remember that EAP build is work-in-progress and is not intended for production, so installing it on a trial server is the way to go: the new version changes the data format and TeamCity does not support downgrade.

Stay tuned for more news on TeamCity 9.1!

Happy building!

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