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2015 TeamCity Plugin Contest Winners Announced

Greetings to all of you!

As you remember, in the beginning of April we launched TeamCity plugin contest, the first TeamCity competition aimed at creating innovative plugins to enhance the available features of TeamCity.

Since June 15th 2015, which was the deadline for submissions, our jury has been busy selecting the three best plugins and today we are happy to announce the winners!

First prize
$2,000 Amazon gift voucher and $5,000 in JetBrains store credit
Winner: Alexey Moskvin
Plugin: TeamCity password reset plugin
Description: This plugin adds a ‘password reset’ link to login screen and allows you to reset password without disturbing The TeamCity Administrator.

Second prize
$1,500 in Amazon gift voucher and $3,000 in JetBrains store credit
WinnerEvgeny Goldin
Plugin: TeamCity Webhooks plugin
Description: A plugin POST-ing JSON payload upon build finish to a number of registered HTTP listeners. Each payload contains build name, number, status, Git details (sha/repo/branch) and possibly artifacts URLs, downloadable from TeamCity and/or AWS S3 (if set up this way).

Third prize
$1,000 in Amazon gift voucher and $1,000 in JetBrains store credit
WinnerIgal Tabachnik
PluginTeamCity Visual Studio Gallery (vsix) Plugin
Description: A plugin for TeamCity that turns it into a Visual Studio Extensions (vsix) Gallery.

Special prize from TeamCity developers team
a Trip to JetBrains office in St.Petersburg or Munich
WinnerGrigory Chernyshev
Plugin: TeamCity web-ssh
Description: Plugin for connecting to ssh via web ssh directly from Teamcity.

Our congratulations to the winners! We’ll be contacting your shortly after this announcement, ping us in the comments to this post if we don’t!

We are thankful to all the participants of the competition: all together we received 31 plugin and we are currently updating our documentation to list them all. Out of 31, 23 were considered valid and we were happy to grant each of the authors a personal licence to one of the JetBrains IDE.

Here is the list of these plugins:
EnvInject Plugin
Chuck Norris Teamcity Plugin
TeamCity password reset plugin
Web Ssh
xUnit test runner
Unified Push Notifier
Server Configurations
TeamCity One-time Passwords Plugin
Teamciy Yammer Notifier
SourceForge Integration
Ansible Runner
Parameter Finder
TeamCity TargetProcess Issue Tracker plugin
TFS WorkItem Plugin

Congratulations and happy building!

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