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As software builders, we always want to be on top of things, so we monitor the environment for anything new that comes up in the world of continuous integration and continuous delivery. Every now and then we stumble upon articles, blog posts, and tweets about various ways of TeamCity usage, new integrations, plugins, or just news that is relevant.

Here is the list of publications that have recently caught our eye. We found them useful, and we hope you will as well. now provides a community build server based on TeamCity: They’ve recently held a webinar about it, which you can watch in recording: Discovering TeamCity and Build PowerShell org.

This article covers some steps for those who are doing continuous integration on a Xamarin app: What to consider when doing Continuous Integration on a Xamarin app.

There is a new integration for TeamCity and DataDog, a cloud-scale monitoring tool: Track performance impact of code changes with TeamCity and Datadog

Good news for the PHP community using TeamCity:

While there is no out-of-the-box support for Docker in TeamCity, this article explains how the two can be used together with the help of an external plugin: CI with Docker and TeamCity.

This one guides you through preparing your build server to build VS 2015 projects: Getting Your Build Server Ready for VS 2015.

And here the author focuses on xUnit and dotCover meta-runner: Showing the love for and dotCover in Teamcity.

These are just a few links that have come to our attention recently. We are sure there are many more blog posts, news, tutorials, and other materials around, which could be useful for TeamCity users like you.

If you are interested in reading more of such digests, please let us know in the comments. And feel free to share such content with us via twitter @teamcity.

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