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TeamCity Digest #2

We’ve decided to continue posting such digests every now and then, so that you could also benefit from the interesting content shared with us via twitter or other media.

Here is the list of articles, videos, and other materials that caught our attention. Hope they will be of interest to you as well.

Pivotal blogs about setting up a continuous deployment process for iOS apps which implies running unit tests on each commit pushed to master, and being able to deploy the latest successful build to staging at any time: iOS Continuous Deployment with TeamCity and HockeyApp.

Our colleague Hadi Hariri has released a Rundeck plugin for TeamCity:

We have also stumbled upon two online courses about CI and CD practices with TeamCity as a tool of choice:

An article by Rouan Wilsenach of ThoughtWorks walks you through the process of setting up a deployment pipeline in three steps: Running the gauntlet: Setting up your first deployment pipeline.

For those of you who are interested in running TeamCity in Azure, here are two interesting articles which describe how it can be done.

How running unit tests for Windows Store is different from running standard .NET framework unit tests: Running Windows Store Tests in TeamCity.

A comparison of TeamCity and Bamboo as a CI server for a project with 10k lines of puppet code: Continuous Integration of Puppet Code.

A blog post from Nordeus about bringing automation to Unity builds with TeamCity as their core build server: Automated Unity Builds.

These are just a few publications that we came across recently. Let us know if you have something to share, or if you think your own blog post, article, video, etc. might be valuable to the readers of TeamCity blog. Follow us on twitter @teamcity and feel free to ping us if you find something interesting.

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