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TeamCity 9.1.6 is out now

Greetings, everyone!

Today we’ve published another bugfix release, TeamCity 9.1.6, resolving over 50 issues.

Build 37459 mostly fixes minor problems – the full list is available in our Release Notes. We hope that a number of enhancements in our NUnit 3 support and fixes for the irksome issues with NuGet should further improve TeamCity experience for .Net users.

As with any bugfix release, with TeamCity 9.1.x versions you can freely upgrade or downgrade, so be sure to check the Upgrade Notes, and download and install the latest TeamCity build!

Stay tuned for our latest news: we’ve been putting a lot of effort into the new TeamCity version, and it won’t be long before we announce the EAP for the jubilee TeamCity 10!

Happy upgrading and building!

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