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TeamCity Digest #3

We are continuing the series of our TeamCity Digests with this third compilation.

As before, we are glad to share some content that attracted our attention recently. Hope you find it useful as well.

Boris Modylevsky proposes to add some fun to the software development process by utilizing some of the TeamCity plugins: How to add some fun to software development?

Dan from Xamarin shares his recipe on how to achieve on-commit deployments for an iOS app, in just 1 day and 10 simple steps: Upgrading to continuous deployment with Xamarin, TeamCity, and HockeyApp.

Richard Macaskill of Redgate published a piece on using TeamCity for release management with a database deployment task: Wherever I Lay My Hat: Release Management in TeamCity with Redgate DLM.

Not a very fresh article, but something that caught our attention: A Slice of Groovy’s Hip Use of JFrog Artifactory & Bintray, and of Gradle and TeamCity. Describes how Groovy fully automates its release process using TeamCity as part of the solution.

Howard van Rooijen, our friend and partner, created an ILMerge Meta-Runner for TeamCity, which he described in his recent blog post.

Another example of TeamCity as an integral part of the continuous delivery process is described in this blog post: Continuous delivery with FAKE, Paket and TeamCity.

There is also this video on setting up a new continuous integration module within a development environment of Kentico, creators of the all-in-one CMS and e-commerce platform, with TeamCity in the mix: Kentico 9: Continuous Integration.

Ted Neward came up with a peculiar way of applying TeamCity to create new blog entries in his blog infrastructure, and he describes it in his DevOps-ing the Blog article. And in DevOps-ing the Blog, Part 2 he talks about using the TeamCity changes file to look up the commit message to post to Twitter and LinkedIn through the use of a Ruby script.

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