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TeamCity 10 (code-named Indore) EAP is open

Greetings, Everyone!

The TeamCity development team is proud to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for TeamCity 10.0. Following the tradition of naming our version after Indian cities, this one is code-named Indore.

The preliminary date for TeamCity 10.0 is June 2016. If you want to be the first to learn about new features in 10.0, keep watching for our EAP builds: we expect to publish them more often now.

Indore 10.0 EAP1 (build 40941) main features

  • TeamCity now can integrate with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise or BitBucket Cloud: with the integration configured, setting up projects which use GitHub or BitBucket Cloud is a piece of cake.
  • Build 40491 comes with cross-platform TFS integration: to work with TFS you no longer need to install a TeamCity server on a Windows machine.
  • This EAP comes with reworked user interface for Amazon EC2 cloud integration and some other new features and improvements in both Amazon and VMware vSphere plugins.
  • Those of you who use several TeamCity severs will appreciate the new TeamCity projects pop-up: written from scratch, it provides better performance and allows browsing projects and build configurations on multiple servers.
  • If you use Perforce with streams, try out our experimental feature branches support.
  • and much more!

As usual, our EAP builds come with 60-day Enterprise evaluation license.
See our release notes for details, and, if you want to test the newest TeamCity features, download this EAP version. We recommend installing the EAP version on a trial server.

Give this version a try and share your feedback, as we always listen to what you have to say!

Help us improve the new TeamCity and happy building!

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