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TeamCity Digest #5

teamcity-digestPlease welcome the latest digest of new publications about TeamCity usage and different aspects of CI/CD processes that it covers.

We’ll start this one with the post by Paul Stovell in the official Octopus Deploy blog about how some of the new major changes in ASP.NET Core 1 and the dotnet CLI have impacted build and deployment pipelines for developers: ASP.NET Core 1 build & deployment pipelines with TeamCity and Octopus.

This post helps understand how to automate your .NET website deployment and relieve some of the stress induced by manual deployment. The toolset of the author is quite standard for the task: Visual Studio, TeamCity, and Octopus Deploy: How to level up your .NET website deployment process.

If you are a .NET developer who likes to obfuscate code and wants to automate the job, here is an example of how it can be done with the help of TeamCity: Using Dotfuscator to obfuscate code within TeamCity.

For a growing Docker users army out there, here is a detailed 3 piece guide for implementing Continuous Integration with TeamCity and Docker by Gabriel Schenker: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

A recent article in the Code Magazine by Jeffrey Palermo, who delivered a TeamCity webinar in February, covers many of the concepts of Continuous Delivery as a part of modern DevOps movement, and particularly focuses on how cloud technologies can help in the process: DevOps and Continuous Delivery: Made for a Cloud World.

To add some diversity to the .NET-biased content of this blog post, here is some practical information for PHP developers. If you are interested in getting code coverage out of the PHPUnit tests and being able to see them in your builds, you might find this post useful as it goes over some very basic build steps and configs needed to get PHPUnit tests run and code coverage generated: Setting up Code Coverage on TeamCity 9.1.

If you have published an article, a blog post, a video or some other form of content on the subject of using TeamCity, or know someone who did, we’ll  appreciate if you make sure it reaches our attention: such content will be promoted to a broader audience of TeamCity users.

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