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TeamCity 10 EAP 2 is out today

Greetings, everyone!

We are proud to announce that TeamCity 10.0 EAP 2 build 41463 has just been released!

One of the most exciting features of this EAP is the ability to create TeamCity projects and build configurations programmatically: using DSL based on the Kotlin language. You can now define TeamCity project settings using Kotlin, check them into your version control and TeamCity will execute your Kotlin script and produce projects and build configurations with the desired settings. See our Release notes for more information.

This EAP build also comes with improved algorithm for VCS changes polling. As you know, TeamCity polls repositories for changes according to the configured interval. Although this approach is quite reliable and easy to maintain, in case of large installations with thousands of VCS roots it imposes a great load on both the TeamCity server and VCS repository servers. To avoid this, you can set up a commit hook, but still you’d need to manually adjust checking-for-changes intervals in VCS roots, and to constantly monitor that the hook works. Fortunately, starting with this EAP, TeamCity will increase the checking-for-changes interval automatically, once it determines that changes were detected as a result of a commit hook. If TeamCity detects a non-working commit hook, the checking-for-changes interval will be decreased. Our Release Notes provide details.

Among other things, the latest TeamCity version is more pleasant to look at, as it comes with new refreshed icons in the Web UI! All the more reason to check out the full list of this EAP’s  great features, and give this version a test drive! Download  build 41463 and don’t hesitate to install it on a trial server.

All our EAP releases come with a  60-day Enterprise evaluation license, and we hope you’ll have something to say about the new version once you have tried this build.

Happy building!

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