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TeamCity Digest #6

We continue to gatheteamcity-digestr various articles and blog posts related to TeamCity from social media and online resources. Thanks to those of you who send them to us via twitter and other channels.

Azure Application Insights has recently released support for Release Annotations, and Endjin – who are also our partners – have created a TeamCity MetaRunner which wraps Release Annotation Powershell Script and eventually allows passing build values from TeamCity into the script: TeamCity MetaRunner for creating Release Annotations in Azure Application Insights

Kalle Launiala from The Ball project shares their recent platform updates which also feature TeamCity in the heart of their automation process: Full Stack with Automated DevOps

Michael Hedgpeth describes the process of making the Chef pipeline a part of TeamCity build process: Chef Cookbook Builds in TeamCity.

Matt Richardson has published the New TeamCity Octopus Deploy Build Trigger Plugin. It allows you to trigger builds when a deployment to an environment is complete, a new release is created, or a new tentacle is added to the server.

A nice overview and step-by-step instructions for two ways of integrating TeamCity and Bitbucket server – the native Commit Status Publisher from JetBrains and TeamCity Stash Integration plugin: How to Integrate TeamCity and Bitbucket Server.

And here is a separate description of TeamCity-Stash integration from the author of the  TeamCity Stash plugin himself: TeamCity Stash Integration.

Sveinung Kval Bakken describes their setup of Google Test Lab in TeamCity, which allows them to automatically run fully parallelized tests on tens and tens of devices over a number of dimensions: Using Google Cloud Test Lab with TeamCity.

Microsoft announced their Visual Studio extension for deploying TeamCity build artifacts using Release Management in VS Team Services:

As it turns out, Stackoverflow also uses TeamCity, which they describe in ‘The Build System’ section of this post on the internals of Stackoverflow’s deployment process: Stack Overflow: How We Do Deployment – 2016 Edition.

This blog post goes over the steps to integrate TeamCity to Git feature branch workflow in Deveo, which is a code management and collaboration platform: TeamCity integration to feature branch workflow.

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