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TeamCity on Docker Hub – it’s official now!

As the popularity of Docker is growing exponentially, Docker Hub has become a huge software distribution platform. Users publish their own images, companies start their official repositories, and everyone is happy.

Up until now JetBrains wasn’t part of this. Then we noticed over 300 images related to TeamCity server, created by enthusiastic Docker Hub users. We decided to join the club and make support for this platform official.

We’ve published the latest version of our software as ready-to-use images and we are going to keep them updated as soon as new versions appear.

There are currently three official TeamCity images in Docker Hub:
1. jetbrains/teamcity-server
Use this image to run a fully functional, ready-to-use TeamCity server. There are multiple options and additional parameters available, which are summarized in the image description on its Docker Hub page.

Once the server is running, you will definitely need some build agents to do the actual work (building) for you. We’ve prepared two separate images for that.

2. jetbrains/teamcity-agent
This image is recommended for general Java development. Build agents created from this image will support agent-side checkout for Git, Mercurial, and SVN, any Java-related activity (as we provide OpenJDK installed), and a full set of features related to Java development.

3. jetbrains/teamcity-minimal-agent
As the requirements for build agents vary considerably, we have also created this minimalistic agent image which you can use for simple builds or as a base for your own images.

Take a look at the official JetBrains Docker Hub page for more details about our Docker images. Give them a try and let us know what you think!


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