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TeamCity Plugin Contest 2016: Submissions Are Closed, Voting Is Open

The main act of the TeamCity Plugin Contest has come to an end as we closed plugin submissions last night. We would like to thank everyone who spread the word, joined the contest, and spent their valuable time developing new plugins.

Thank you all – we really appreciate your efforts!

Of the 112 people registered for the contest, 26 submitted valid plugins, and we were happy to grant them a 1-year subscription for a JetBrains IDE of their choice. All together our participants received 17 IntelliJ IDEA, 5 ReSharper, 2 WebStorm, 1 CLion, and 1 DataGrip subscriptions simply for submitting a valid plugin. Congratulations!

Submissions for the contest are closed, and now the judging and voting for the best plugin begins. You can review all the submitted plugins, and vote for the ones you like best. The author of the most voted plugin will receive the People’s Choice Award!

See the list and vote for plugins

The winners of all the five nominations will be announced on December 15, and nominees will be contacted.

Keep your hopes up, be patient, and remember to pick your favorite plugins. Follow our blog or twitter for the winners announcement.

Thanks again and happy building!

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