Early Access Program Releases

TeamCity 2017.2 EAP is open

Greetings, everyone!

Today we are announcing the opening of the EAP for TeamCity 2017.2. We’ve been working hard trying to address a number of issues and requests and this build comes with over 70 bugfixes and a lot of new features.

Here come several of them:

  • The ability to associate multiple templates to a build configuration, which provides a flexible way to create/change shared settings between multiple build configurations
  • Built-in support for Docker: TeamCity now comes with the Docker Build and Docker Compose build runners, and provides information on  Docker-related operations. The work is still in progress but it is worth a try.
  •  Meeting the request of many of you, this build comes with the option to restart the server from the UI
  • To ensure better compatibility with Java 9 and later Java versions, we changed the way the tests are reported from Ant builds, and TeamCity now uses service messages instead of the XStream-based network communication used by the previous implementation. If you have some custom reporting of service messages from your Ant builds, we’d appreciate if you tried running these builds with this EAP on your test server and report to us any issues which may occur.

There’s more, the full list is available in our release notes.

Download TeamCity 2017.2 EAP1 build and remember to install it on a trial server as it changes the TeamCity data format.

Your feedback on our forum or tracker is most welcome.

Happy building!
The TeamCity Team

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